I'm currently fetching data from a Java source which is giving me back
XML (one of the world's biggest poker networks), it looks something
like this:


Everyone who really has to send A LOT of data back and forth ends up
doing something like the above ;-)

Anyway, given the above it made me smile reading that article.

It's annoying that good marketing can impose such bullshit on our
industry, I mean we're supposed to be more rational than most people
aren't we?


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Randall Dow<r...@randix.net> wrote:
> Must reading for anyone designing data storage!
> How XML Threatens Big Data
> http://dataspora.com/blog/xml-and-big-data/
> (and I will add, little data, too.) Anyone for WSDL? What a catastrophe.
> Flame bait:
> --------------------------
> Java was invented (mainly marketed) by Sun in order to increase HW
> sales. Most of the big business where I have worked (banks, mobile
> telecoms) could do with less than 1/4th (1/10th??) of the HW they have
> today, if they used reasonable software. It is all Java, XML, Oracle,
> and SOAP. =A0It is very appropriate that Sun is being eaten (for
> dessert) by Oracle. Sun started by trying to change the world with
> unix but has fallen prey to the mass Java marketing that they started.
> (ok, I didn't get all of that out of the article above, but it is my opin=
> --------------------------
> Flame off!
> Alex, I like picolisp and its data storage!
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