I think the problem is more with the fact that I am using a Mac and Xcode (not necessarily typical of Unix development tools) rather than Pico Lisp itself. This is compounded by my being stuck in the past so to speak with a Power PC chip and OS X 10.4. No worries, when I have the time I will try and pick through the errors.


On Sep 21, 2009, at 12:15 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:

Hello Kyle,

So there are some things I must adjust; but I decided in the meantime to
take Jon Kleiser's advice and install an earlier version -
picoLisp-2.3.0. Success!!! Now I get to investigate pico Lisp while I
work on the above.

This is strange. I'd be very much interested why picoLisp-2.3.0 works
and later versions not. There should be no relevant changes.

- Alex


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