Hi Cli,

> Ok! Today I had give it a try and finally I was able to patch and build  
> picoLisp to being runable under Snow Leopard passing all unit tests in  
> lib/test.l and running doc/hello.l and doc/family.l too :-)

Wow, that's nice!

So that means, that you fixed also the problems with loading dynamic
libraries, which was a major trouble during recent months.

As I'm on a trip until Monday evening, having only sporadic time and
network access, I'll look at it more thoroughly early next week.

   -    DYNAMIC-LIB-FLAGS = -dynamiclib -undefined dynamic_lookup
   +    DYNAMIC-LIB-FLAGS = -dynamiclib -undefined dynamic_lookup -m32

So this was the culprit for the "*.so" loading problem ;-)

   +/* Globals declared in pico.h */
   +int Signal, Chr, Slot, Spkr, Mic, Hear, Tell, Children, ExtN;
   +char **AV, *AV0, *Home;

   /* Globals */
   -int Signal, Chr, Slot, Spkr, Mic, Hear, Tell, Children, ExtN;
   -char **AV, *AV0, *Home;

Funny! This is how it was some time ago. I'd changed it to have the
globals and the prototypes in "pico.h" only, to avoid redundancy. I
didn't expect that this could cause problems on some compilers!

   -      (task (port T 4444) (eval (udp @)))
   -      (udp "localhost" 4444 '(setq *B 4))
   +      (task (port T 4445) (eval (udp @)))
   +      (udp "localhost" 4445 '(setq *B 4))

Does port 4444 produce any conflict?

> I hope, I did not break your coding style too much via the patch ...

Not at all! I'm very happy that you found it out!

Many thanks!

- Alex
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