First of all, Pico Admin is an attempt at scaffolding generation by
way of inspecting the ER in a project.

I'm at a loss, when I compare the code I generate with that in the
demo app, for instance CuSu, I can't see any meaningful differences.

This fact leads me to believe that I might have missed something else
in how a GUI app works.

The menu shows and all, and when I click a menu item for an object
type they list OK but I can't make new ones or edit existing ones.

I have attached the current project I want to use Pico Admin with,
it's the beginnings of a CMS where one can create pages and put boxes
(graphical elements) in the pages and so on.

Pico Admin usage, in this case; note that #3 and #4 are optional as
the scaffolding is already there:

1.) Unpack the attached file into /opt/picolisp/projects
2.) Cd to /opt/picolisp
3.) Run ./p projects/db-server/pico-admin/generate.l
4.) Write (generate) in the repl and exit.
5.) Run ./p projects/db-server/pico-admin/main.l -go
6.) Browse to http://localhost/8090

Note that in this case the class +Treeable ends up in the menu, this
is a known bug and something I probably can fix on my own so no need
to discuss it.


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