So, Alex and I had a chat on IRC, it turned out the problem was that
an url> method was lacking in the ER classes + a forgotten (app) call.

This has now been fixed by way of generating the url> methods in the
menu.l file by way of (extend) and putting the (app) call in the menu

The +Treeable bug has also been squashed.

Now there are only two issues left:

1.) When editing for instance a +Page it is possible to choose a
parent (+Ref +Link), but not when making a new one, this is something
I would like to fix in the generated code so that it is there.

2.) When working with a class with an even number of relations the
search + edit/new form looks OK mostly, but when there is an uneven
number it gets hard to actually figure out which label belongs to
which field. Can this somehow be fixed by manipulating the first
argument to <grid>? At the moment I'm simply passing along for
instance "------" for each field + the search and reset buttons. If I
recall correctly it should be possible to put dots among the hyphens
to change things? Ideally I would like to have a grid with label:
<field> on each row and the buttons on the last row, is this possible?
(I don't really care how much vertical space the GUI occupies)

I have attached the fixed version of Pico Admin.

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 11:29 PM, Henrik Sarvell <> wrote:
> First of all, Pico Admin is an attempt at scaffolding generation by
> way of inspecting the ER in a project.
> I'm at a loss, when I compare the code I generate with that in the
> demo app, for instance CuSu, I can't see any meaningful differences.
> This fact leads me to believe that I might have missed something else
> in how a GUI app works.
> The menu shows and all, and when I click a menu item for an object
> type they list OK but I can't make new ones or edit existing ones.
> I have attached the current project I want to use Pico Admin with,
> it's the beginnings of a CMS where one can create pages and put boxes
> (graphical elements) in the pages and so on.
> Pico Admin usage, in this case; note that #3 and #4 are optional as
> the scaffolding is already there:
> 1.) Unpack the attached file into /opt/picolisp/projects
> 2.) Cd to /opt/picolisp
> 3.) Run ./p projects/db-server/pico-admin/generate.l
> 4.) Write (generate) in the repl and exit.
> 5.) Run ./p projects/db-server/pico-admin/main.l -go
> 6.) Browse to http://localhost/8090
> Note that in this case the class +Treeable ends up in the menu, this
> is a known bug and something I probably can fix on my own so no need
> to discuss it.
> /Henrik

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