Hi Henrik,

> > 1.) When editing for instance a +Page it is possible to choose a
> > parent (+Ref +Link), but not when making a new one, this is something
> > I would like to fix in the generated code so that it is there.
> >
> Sorry all, I was wrong about #1 in my prior mail, I'm not able to
> actually pick the parent when editing either, however, it would be
> nice to be able to do so :)

I don't completely understand the problem, but doesn't the following do
what you intend:

   (<grid> 3
      (gui '(+ChoButton) '(choPage (field 1)))
      (gui '(+E/R +Obj +TextField) '(parent : home obj) '(name +Page) 30)
      ... )

This shows the parent of the current page in the TextField, and allows
to select/search/set it with in the choice-button and -dialog.

> > 2.) When working with a class with an even number of relations the
> > search + edit/new form looks OK mostly, but when there is an uneven
> > number it gets hard to actually figure out which label belongs to
> > which field. Can this somehow be fixed by manipulating the first

In general, I'm afraid that the layout of search dialogs will always
require some manual work, as they are all too different in the logical
arrangements and sizes of the search fields.

> > argument to <grid>? At the moment I'm simply passing along for
> > instance "------" for each field + the search and reset buttons. If I
> > recall correctly it should be possible to put dots among the hyphens

That's right. <grid> either takes a number, then it simply specifies the
number of columns. Otherwise, it should be a string of hypens and dots.
A dot will result in a right-alignment of the corresponding column.

- Alex
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