Hi Jakob,

> For simplicity, you can also dual license.  Documentation, as part of the
> code, is GPL (or LGPL or X11 if my wishes come true) but, documentation
> can
> also be distributed under a Creative Commons license of Alex' choice.

What would be the advantage if the documentation is under a separate
license? And what if we change the GPL of the code to BSD or MIT,
wouldn't it be much more clear and simple if also the docs were BSD or
MIT? Is there any significant difference between the code and its

> This way an O'Reilly Picolisp book could more easily come true... (another
> daydream I have. Not that I would write it mind you - I just want it my
> shelf.)

You could ask Mansur Mamkin to send you a copy of his book ;-)

- Alex
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