Hi Tomas,

> ah, i see.  Somehow I thought I could drop more than one file.  So there
> is still no way to upload more files in one go?

Unfortunately not. It could surely be done, but then the API would get
rather complicated. The progress indication would need to handle this
(e.g. show the also name of each file while it is uploaded, but this
wouldn't fit onto the button, so a separate field is needed), the button
action code would need to process a list of files instead of a single
file, the display for feedback to the user would need to show a list of
files (e.g. a drop-down box), so that the subsequent code that handles
the uploaded files could not proceed linearly with e.g. dialogs asking
the user what to do with the file, the error feedback to the user would
need to separate correct from wrong files, and many more.

Note that this doesn't prohibit _applications_ which handle multiple
files. It is just that the user has to drag each file individually, one
at a time. On the application side this can be nicely handled, by
letting the files appear e.g. in a Chart above the upload button. Then
the advantage is that the files are already on the server, checked and
processed by the application logic.

The nice thing about the current '+Drop' prefix class is that the
functionality is completely encapsulated into that class. If it is
omitted, or if the browser doesn't support JavaScript, or if the user's
environment doesn't support drag & drop (as is the case on my system
(fvwm) :), the application still works the "normal" way by selecting the
file, and pressing the "Upload" button. This would not be possible (or
difficult to handle consistently) if the GUI were targeted for multiple

If you absolutely need that feature, I think it would be better to write
a new prefix class, e.g. +DropMultiple, which could be made application
specific to handle these quirks appropriately.

- Alex
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