On 11/5/10 10:56 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

This looks very interesting. However, I have some problems building
ersatz on my Intel Mac:

..:picoLisp jkleiser$ (cd ersatz; ./mkJar)
PicoLisp.java:15: cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Console

I see. java.io.Console is avaliable only in Java 1.6 or higher. That's
why I wrote that in "ersatz/README".

Too bad. Is there no up-to-date JRE available for the Mac?

- Alex

Hi Alex,

I may have to upgrade the OS on this Mac to 10.6.something.

Another ersatz question:
In PicoLisp, it is legal to compare data items of arbitrary type. How do ersatz compare arbitrary Java classes and objects to other PicoLisp types? Are they less than T? Less than Numbers?

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