Hi Jon,

> machine. When I tried "(data @)" in your Example below, I got "data
> -- Undefined". Did you change something lately? Will this 'java'

Oops, yes. 'data' is now also covered by 'java':

   (java 'obj ['cnt]) -> any
      This correspends to the old 'data' function.

   (java 'obj 'msg 'any ..) -> obj
   (java 'cls 'msg 'any ..) -> obj
   (java 'cls 'T 'any ..) -> obj

> function be documented somewhere? ;-)

Yes, should be in the future. Let's first clear the smoke and see how
useful it turns out ;-)

> Do you now if it would be possible, or easy, to build a simple HTTP
> server in ErsatzLisp? Or, maybe a better solution would be to

This should also be possible. The only problem I see at the moment is
the missing 'fork', so we need a non-forking server. We had some
discussion about that already here in this list, iirc.

- Alex
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