Hi Ana,

> Hi Tomas,

As Tomas didn't show up in IRC since a few days, I suspect he is offline
for some reason. So let me try as far as I'm able.

> first, is this the correct venue for asking questions for wl.java?


> was looking at wl.java and saw Nsym and Asym. my question is, what's
> the reason for differentiating between the two? the only difference is
> is that an Nsym has a name attribute and Asym does not.

Probably, "Nsym" means "named symbol", and "Asym" means "anonymous
symbol" then. To me it makes sense to differentiate between the two as
they show different behavior during creation, printing and other name

> reflecting upon it more, is Asym used often enough for it to have a
> class of it's own? (the answer might be 'yes' but i want to delve
> deeper into insights of the implementation).

In some programgs, there are a lot more anonymous symbols then named

Named symbols are either thought up by the programmer (then they'll be
very few) or read from some external source like a dictionary (even then
they'll be limited to a few thousand). Anonymous symbols, however, may
be created at runtime in arbitrary numbers (think of a database with
billions of objects).

I hope Tomas can tell more about his reasons.

- Alex
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