Hi Ana,

> As Tomas didn't show up in IRC since a few days, I suspect he is
> offline for some reason. So let me try as far as I'm able.

I just returned from Japan so sorry for my late response.

>> first, is this the correct venue for asking questions for wl.java?
> Sure.


>> was looking at wl.java and saw Nsym and Asym. my question is, what's
>> the reason for differentiating between the two? the only difference is
>> is that an Nsym has a name attribute and Asym does not.
> Probably, "Nsym" means "named symbol", and "Asym" means "anonymous
> symbol" then. To me it makes sense to differentiate between the two as
> they show different behavior during creation, printing and other name
> processing.
>> reflecting upon it more, is Asym used often enough for it to have a
>> class of it's own? (the answer might be 'yes' but i want to delve
>> deeper into insights of the implementation).
> In some programgs, there are a lot more anonymous symbols then named
> symbols.
> Named symbols are either thought up by the programmer (then they'll be
> very few) or read from some external source like a dictionary (even then
> they'll be limited to a few thousand). Anonymous symbols, however, may
> be created at runtime in arbitrary numbers (think of a database with
> billions of objects).

Named and anonymous symbols are concepts from picolisp, not unique to
wl.  I couldn't possibly explain the difference better than Alex;-)


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