On Monday 14 of March 2011 19:28:41 you wrote:
> I agree with all you wrote, except when you write about association
> lists:
> > Nb., this mechanism is used internally in picoLisp for symbol
> > properties=3D20 (aside of the general value of the symbol, each symbol =
> > have any number =3D of=3D20
> > (KEY . VALUE) properties associated with it). Access with (get) and
> > (set).
> There is a slight difference: The cells in a symbol's property list are
> not of the form (KEY . VALUE), but of (VALUE . KEY), so they are not
> really an association list.
> 'get' searches for KEY in a similar way, but the convenient feature is
> that 'prop' and '::' return a cell with VALUE in the CAR, so it can be
> used directly with functions that expect a 'var' argument (e.g. 'inc',
> 'dec', 'push', 'pop', 'queue' and so on).
> The statement Access with (get) and (set) is correct for 'get', but I
> assume you mean 'put' for the equivalet setter function.

Thanks a lot for the clarification; makes more sense to me now :D

dexen deVries


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mahmud, in response to Erann Gat's ``How I lost my faith in Lisp''
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