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replying to the OP after reading replies from Jose, Dexen and Alex...

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> Hi list,
> i don't dig dotted pairs. it's hard for me to reconcile the existence
> of a dotted pair when there's a more general representation of it (a
> plain list).
> like in the design of the (tag) API for xhtml generation. why use a
> dotted pair instead of a two-element list?
> searching the net for examples and meanings doesn't give much.
> any insights on this?

it struck me that dotted pairs exist because it was designed to be so.
these are *the* building blocks of lists, and LISP and general.

lists being NIL terminated is the way to signal EVAL that 'hey, it's
the end of the list. nothing to see here anymore. move along'.

meaning terminating a list with NIL is a convention.

having dotted pairs represent tuples is natural and convenient. saves
on the terminating NIL.

at least in my mind this makes sense now after reading what the guys
here say. i'm just drawing my own conclusions to put my mind at ease.


> thank you.
> Ana
> PS:
> i don't mean to test everybody's patience with my questions. i'm
> really just learning. :)
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