I am new to lisp. Searched for very small dialect and new/pico came up
first. Reading about both, and exploring what I would like to use. I
am looking into packaging PicoLisp for OpenBSD ports. I can get
miniPicoLisp to work, but would like to see the full package, and in
both 32/64 bits & for all architectures!

I am using amd64 (or x86-64 as you call it). I am seeing
picolisp/src64/arch/ppc64.l and x86-64.l and its difficulty in porting
to different CPUs...

Is there any plan to add more CPUs or just do it in plain C for 64
bits in future (C is strictly no-no)? If no plans to add more CPUs
right now, the changes that would be needed would be substantial, say
for sparc64, mips64? I haven't touched assembly (8051 assembly only)
in 15 years so this is just idle curiosity!

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