Hi Amit,

> first. Reading about both, and exploring what I would like to use. I
> am looking into packaging PicoLisp for OpenBSD ports. I can get


> Is there any plan to add more CPUs or just do it in plain C for 64
> bits in future (C is strictly no-no)? If no plans to add more CPUs
> right now, the changes that would be needed would be substantial, say
> for sparc64, mips64? I haven't touched assembly (8051 assembly only)
> in 15 years so this is just idle curiosity!

Since 3.0.7 there is also a PowerPC-64 version.

I'm planning to tackle Sparc9 next, but didn't find the time yet. Sparc9
has a very similar structure to Ppc64.

Some (most?) architectures support both 32-bit and 64-bit executables.
In such cases, the 32-bit version of PicoLisp can be used for the time
being (though it is more limited in its capabilities compared to the
64-bit version).

- Alex
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