Hi Alex, everyone.

I just tried to run vizreader (from scratch) with the 64bit version and I
did not experience any problems (as opposed to with early versions of the
64bit version).

So I thought I should try and run with a complete converted 32 -> 64bit

The first step in db32-64.l went just fine.

So I then copy and load the database and run (import32) as per the
instructions, here is my actual code:

(setq *BP "/opt/picolisp/projects/rss-reader/")
(setq *Rdir "/opt/resources/")
(load (pack *BP "er.l"))
(pool (pack *Rdir "rss-reader/db/") *Dbs)
(load "lib/too.l" "lib/db32-64.l" "lib/debug.l")

It shows me this:

[/opt/resources/rss-reader/convert.l:8] DB read: Success

Good or not?

Because there are problems with the following E/R:

(class +FeedTag +Entity)
(rel user   (+Ref +Link) NIL (+User))
(rel tag    (+Aux +Ref +Link) (user) NIL (+Tag))
(rel feed   (+Aux +Ref +Link) (user) NIL (+Feed))

I'm testing with the following lines:

(setq Usr (db 'uname '+User "henrik"))
(setq Tag (db 'tag '+Tag "Sweden"))
(mapc show (list Usr Tag))
(mapc show (collect 'tag '+FeedTag (list Tag  Usr)))

I see that both Usr and Tag are not nil (ie works) but the collect statement
doesn't return anything.

For some reason the problem is the links:

(mapc show (collect 'user '+FeedTag Usr Usr))


(mapc show (collect 'tag '+FeedTag Tag Tag))

return nothing.


(mapc show (collect 'tag '+FeedTag NIL T))

returns all the objects just fine.

The last lines of the output:

{H3274} (+FeedTag)
   user {62}
   tag {G77}
   feed {A3264}
{H3275} (+FeedTag)
   user {62}
   tag {G77}
   feed {A3265}

Doing (show '{G77}) gives me:

{G77} (+Tag)
   tag "News"

Trying a collect with G77 doesn't return anything either:

(setq Tag (db 'tag '+Tag "News"))
(mapc show (collect 'tag '+FeedTag Tag Tag))

Any thoughts?

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