Hi Thorsten,

> I would like to announce that I (with help and substancial
> input from Eric Schulte, the org-babel author) added picolisp to the
> multilanguage-programming environment org-babel
> ((http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/index.html), that is part of
> the great emacs library orgmode (http://orgmode.org/).

Nice. Many thanks!

> I can imagine using org-babel as a flexilbe database reporting tool for
> picolisp. It should be very easy, e.g., to build a dynamic database
> report by sending data from a picolisp codeblock to a R codeblock for
> analysis, print the results into the .org file, and export it to html or
> latex.

Indeed, this seems to open a lot of possibilities. I didn't know about
org-babel, and I also must confess that I'm not an emacs user.

> Org-babel could be useful for documenting picolisp source-code too.

-> T

- Alex
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