Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

> Indeed, this seems to open a lot of possibilities. I didn't know about
> org-babel, and I also must confess that I'm not an emacs user.

there is even a vim clone of orgmode, but I don't know how usable it is:

I don't think it offers org-babel funcionality, but who knows...

It must have been late when I wrote the announcement-mail, since I
messed up all the technical terms in it. Here is a little quote that
gives the correct terms:

| Babel supports Literate Programming (LP) by allowing the act of        
| programming to take place inside of Org-mode documents. The Org-mode   
| file can then be exported (woven in LP speak) to HTML or LaTeX for     
| consumption by a human, and the embedded source code can be extracted  
| (tangled in LP speak) into structured source code files for consumption
| by a computer.                                                         



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