Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex, 
FYI - I just read this post in the orgmode mail-group. So there seems to be
some action in the VimOrganizer project again:

| From: Herbert Sitz <>                                         
| Subject: New version of VimOrganizer, an Org-mode clone in Vim                
| Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode                                               
| To:                                                     
| Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 00:31:15 +0000 (UTC)                                    
| I just formally pushed up a new version of VimOrganizer, an Org clone in Vim. 
| This version is much closer to being a true alternative to using Org-mode in  
| Emacs.  I say alternative to "using Org-mode in Emacs", because VimOrganizer 
| large part operate as a front end to Org-mode by making calls to a running 
| server.  All of the export functionality is done this way, as is access to 
| like Org-babel, spreadsheet evaluation, live blocks like clocktables, column  
| blocks, etc.                                                                  
| I'd be glad to hear any feedback, comments, suggestions. . .                  
| An intro to some of the stuff in the new version is here:                     
| Git page is here:                                                             
| And the page on Vim's website is here:                                        
| I will try to get some videos of the new functionality in next day or two.  
| main thing I'm happy about is I extended my patch of Vim to allow separate    
| highlighting of TODO items on folded headings.  Previously my patch enabled   
| level-dependent fold highlighting, but always showed TODOs in same color as 
| folded heading.  Much nicer to have everything collapsed and still have the   
| TODOs pop out at you.                                                         
| Thanks to everybody on here who's provided help for my (sometimes silly)      
| questions about Org-mode and how it works.  I'm starting to really appreciate 
| elisp, so who knows what the future holds. . .                                
| Regards,                                                                      
| Herb                                                                          

>> > Indeed, this seems to open a lot of possibilities. I didn't know about
>> > org-babel, and I also must confess that I'm not an emacs user.
>> there is even a vim clone of orgmode, but I don't know how usable it is:
> Cool, this might accommodate me even better ;-)
> A bit of a drawback is that the project seems to have "paused" since
> more than a year.



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