Hi Alex!

So I've tried the remote pilog stuff out now (better late than never).
I've attached a simple project (needs to be extracted to

Very cool stuff, indeed.

You start by running:
/p projects/remote-test/remote.l -go 1
/p projects/remote-test/remote.l -go 2
/p projects/remote-test/main.l

In 3 different terminals and make sure insertTestData and findByEmail
in main.l are both uncommented first.

I have three questions:

1.) The result of insertTestData on line 50 in main.l is that only it
manages to insert Jane and John in the remotes, it's as if they need
to be wakened up by the first query that fails, any idea of why this
happens and how to prevent it?

2.) This is OT but I noticed that +Key (which the reference says is
unique) is not respected, I am able to insert several John for
instance. Is (request) the only way to get around this or? This has
probably been discussed on a number of earlier occasions but
unfortunately my memory is weak.

3.) How much work would it be to implement put!>> and lose!>> that
somehow infers where an object comes from in order to perform those
operations? It seems to me there are two steps to solving that problem
that should not be impossible to overcome, first inferring which
server the object belongs to with the help of the file offset, then
somehow going back to the original, ie {Y} -> {X} and then executing
the put or lose remotely with the help of {X}.

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