Hi Henrik,

> Some issues I had:
> ...
> 2.) I needed JSON serialization to and from PL, wrote it myself but
> it's not a releasable library, too little time and energy to make

I think that JSON can be implemented very straightforward. A basic
implementation doesn't take more than a page of code, e.g.:


I think it covers all that's needed to convert JSON to/from PicoLisp
structures, and can be easily customized for specialized requirements.

> Languages like Python has probably already dealt with this by already
> having XML parsers that can handle quite a lot of abuse.

And isn't it possible to call such Python modules?

> 4.) Since Twitter is the "micro blogging" platform and also outputs
> RSS I wanted to be able to read it too. However in order to login my

Same here. I would simply call 'twidge' to access the twitter API.

> These kind of problems have nothing to do with PL in itself and
> everything to do with the age old adoption problem, it's like a dating
> site, the more people who use it the more utility it has and it's a
> little bit like that with languages too but in a derivative way.


- Alex
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