That JSON implementation is too simplistic which kind of reinforces my
point, writing good libs take time and for that to happen you need a
lot of users to ease the "burden" on each person, ie it's easier for
10 people to write one good lib each instead of 2 writing 5 each.

Here is for instance Clojure's version:

Now Clojure has more data types which makes conversion easier, PL will
need conventions which makes a JSON lib for PL something that probably
should be discussed and planned before any actual code writing takes
place which makes it an even taller order than in another more
algol-like language.

When it comes to calling Python or PHP or whatever. I don't want to do
that, invariably I end up writing more or less code in PHP if I do
that, and I end up with code in different "environments" which is hard
to maintain.

For me the point of PL is that it makes programming enjoyable, knowing
that things probably can't get much more succinct and clean. Having to
jump into the code of some external PHP dependency in the middle of
all that joy just makes me depressed.

On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 3:44 PM, Alexander Burger <> wrote:
> Hi Henrik,
>> Some issues I had:
>> ...
>> 2.) I needed JSON serialization to and from PL, wrote it myself but
>> it's not a releasable library, too little time and energy to make
> I think that JSON can be implemented very straightforward. A basic
> implementation doesn't take more than a page of code, e.g.:
> I think it covers all that's needed to convert JSON to/from PicoLisp
> structures, and can be easily customized for specialized requirements.
>> Languages like Python has probably already dealt with this by already
>> having XML parsers that can handle quite a lot of abuse.
> And isn't it possible to call such Python modules?
>> 4.) Since Twitter is the "micro blogging" platform and also outputs
>> RSS I wanted to be able to read it too. However in order to login my
> Same here. I would simply call 'twidge' to access the twitter API.
>> These kind of problems have nothing to do with PL in itself and
>> everything to do with the age old adoption problem, it's like a dating
>> site, the more people who use it the more utility it has and it's a
>> little bit like that with languages too but in a derivative way.
> Agreed.
> Cheers,
> - Alex
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