Hi Joe,

> > I uploaded the code but couldn't figure out how to link to it on the page.
> I'm afraid this is not possible. The wiki supports only <img> and

Now I've added support for arbitrary files to the Wiki.

> We could extend it for arbitrary mimetypes, but then I'm not sure which
> tag to generate. A simple <a> might be dangerous in case someone uploads
> a malign file, right? Any idea?

Thinking about it, I think it is all right. The file can only be
downloaded after all.

What I did is extend the <{name} markup, so that if the file's mimetype
is neither image nor video, it is simply put into a <href>. The file
will be presented for download then. A small drawback is that the file's
name is lost in the process, because it is stored in a DB blob, and some
cryptic name is given to the downloaded file. I'll think more about

I see that you already solved the problem in your wiki article
"http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?ErsatzWebApp"; by providing an external

For a test, though, I added an entry with the new mechanism. Please
modify it if you like.

- Alex
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