Hi Jose, 
I'm quite impressed too and wouldn't dare to enter any discussion of
your proposal. 

However, it would be nice to put your idea(s) in a digestable format on
the GSoC ideas page. I would suggest to figure out a general topic as a
headline (similar to "Enabling support for geo-data and spatial analysis
in PicoLisp") and then describe your idea(s) in a few paragraphs in a
way that a Google employee, who probably never heard of PicoLisp before,
gets the general idea - whats it all about, why is it important for
PicoLisp, what can be done with the code later on etc.

I must admit that after reading your post I would not be able to explain
to somebody else in a few words what you are proposing, and I couldn't
give your idea a short label or title.

That might be entirely due to my ignorance, but it might also be a hint
that the description of your proposel is too technical, too
low-level to 'sell' the idea to an Google employee - who only reads the
GSoC ideas page without any further background information. 


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