Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

> unfortunately, our application was rejected:
>> Thank you for submitting "PicoLisp" organization application to Google  
>> Summer of Code 2012.
>> Unfortunately, we were unable to accept your organization's
>> application at
>> this time.
>> We received many more applications for the program than we are able to  
>> accommodate,
>> and we would encourage you to reapply for future instances of the
>> program.
>> Best regards,
>> Google Open Source Programs
> Let's think about trying it next year ...

Too bad we did not make it. Maybe next year? Maybe PicoLisp is just too
small as a project, or we should copy some of the good stuff from the
successfull applications - I've seen some quite nice ideas pages. 

However, it was probably worth give it a try, and next year it should be
much easier and faster to apply again, since we know the whole procedure



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