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> OK, but, well, if I understand it right, D is an extension of C (a
> "re-engineering of C++" as Wikipedia puts it). As such, it directly
> supports the C ABI, and thus doesn't really count.
> More important:
> - Though it may indeed be _simple_, it is probably not as _powerful_ as
>   the PicoLisp native function. For example, can we call a C function
>   interactively (from the REPL or command line) in D?
> - Don't we need declarations and include files (like we need them in C),
>   as D is also a compiled language? In PicoLisp you can refer to a C
>   function in your code even before that library is installed or built.

Yes and yes. D is basically "C++ done right", it is compatible on
ABI level with C. It needs includes and so on. AFAIK.

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