Hi Henrik,

> I don't know if the boss function might be of help to you? It helped
> me in order for the current forked instance of the web server to be

That's right.

But I'd like to point out (again) that 'boss' must be used with absolute
care. It executes expressions in the parent process, but the parent
process is the central coordinator for child synchronization and IPC. It
should always be as responsive as possible (because otherwise all
children might be slowed down or even blocked), and it should never!

A crashing or blocking child process, on the other hand, doesn't do any
harm to the rest of the system. Therefore, I strongly recommend to do
any database modifications in a child process, as is the standard setup
in all PicoLisp examples.

Another reason for not putting any load on the parent process is: If the
parent starts to do non-trivial work, it will increase its heap size. In
the following, all fork'ed child processes will inherit this heap,
including possible temporary data and cached objects. It is difficult
then go get a predictable behavior.

In a nutshell: Keep you hands off 'boss', unless you are absolutely sure
what you are doing!

- Alex
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