Hi Alex,

On Friday 28 of September 2012 11:04:41 you wrote:
> It seems that this terminal doesn't handle Ctrl-H (ASCII 8) to erase the
> character to the left of the current position. This seems pretty
> non-standard to me.

Acme does not emulate anything resembling ANSI terminal. As far as I know, it 
only treats TAB and LF characters in special way. In particular, no cursor 
addressing resembling anything of ANSI terminal.

In prev email I suggested disabling the picoLisp's built-in line editor, 
because Acme itself provides rich editing environment, with both mouse and 
keyboard controls.

dexen deVries


I'm sorry that this was such a long lett­er, but I didn't have time to write 
you a short one. -- Bla­ise Pasc­al
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