Hi Dexen,

> Acme does not emulate anything resembling ANSI terminal. As far as I know, it 
> only treats TAB and LF characters in special way. In particular, no cursor 
> addressing resembling anything of ANSI terminal.

Yes, but this is on a level higher. The picolisp line editor avoids any
dependence on terminal control sequences (termcap or terminfo), by
relying solely on spaces and backspaces to format the line.

> In prev email I suggested disabling the picoLisp's built-in line editor, 

Yes, this would be an option. I didn't react to your statement because
you wrote

> if you disable it in first line of `lib.l'

and I was not sure what you meant.

In any way, instead of completely disabling 'led', you might change the
function 'chgLine' in "lib/led.l", and replace "^H" ((prin "^H") in
three places) with some other character which is suitable for acme.

- Alex
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