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> rd without argument (or with a sym) means binary read, it tries to read
> an atom or expression in the binary PLIO format (used by pr). Rd with a
> number argument means to read the given amount of bytes as a bignum.
> The sym argument is an optional end of file flag to return instead of
> the default (NIL).

thanks, i get it now :-)

inspired by recent post on HN, i want to learn picoLisp (at last :P) by re-
implementing some basic UNIX tools. here goes the venerable cat:

#!/usr/bin/env plmod

(mapcar '(

        (in file
                (use X
                        (until (== NIL
                                        (setq X (rd 1)) )
                                (wr X) ) ) ) )



guess it could be shorter...

dexen deVries


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