Hi Dexen,

>  * by default, many derivative cat use single, bare dash (`-') to stand for 
> /dev/stdin, but picolisp (the interpreter) seems to skip arguments after 
> first 
> bare dash. is there any way around it?

Right, a single dash has a special meaning on the command line. It
inhibits the loading/executing of further command line arguments, to
have them passed as plain arguments to the application (shortly
described in "http://software-lab.de/doc/ref.html#invoc";, "Invocation".

This is observed when loading all arguments with (load T), or by (opt).

(argv), however, behaves a little different. It returns all remaining
arguments, even if they contain "-", but NOT if the "-" is the first one
because it then assumes it is the remaining position of the above rule.
Quite confusing ...

So I would discourage from using a single "-" as a command line
argument, and use "--" in such cases if necessary.

- Alex
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