Hi Jose, Alexander,

HOn Monday 05 of November 2012 16:15:39 you wrote:
> (...)
> and instead of 'argv' use 'opt':
>    (while (opt)
>       (in @
>          (while (rd 1)
>             (wr @) ) ) )
> and thus we are almost at José's solution ;-)

thanks you both for explanations, it helps a lot :-)

two things should be corrected to converget o UNIX `cat':
 * by default, stdin should be copied to stdout if there's no arguments; 
that's easy with

(unless (argv)
        (in @
                (echo) ) )

 * by default, many derivative cat use single, bare dash (`-') to stand for 
/dev/stdin, but picolisp (the interpreter) seems to skip arguments after first 
bare dash. is there any way around it?

dexen deVries


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