Hi Mansur,

> I found this: 
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2010-August/220250.html
> Maybe the problem is with system headers, that are not 32bit aware on FreeBSD 
> x64

Indeed. This describes quite well the possible reason of the problems.

> Btw, what about x64 version of picoLisp on FreeBSD? Is this possible
> and how I can help with it?

Good idea! We should try to get pil64 running then.

If the architecture is x86-64, we just need to extend src64/Makefile a
little (i.e. add a clause for 'FreeBSD', similar to the 'SunOS' stuff),
and create two new files


The "defs.l" file can be generated pretty easily now, because since the
'emu' version we have a C-Programm 'src64/sysdefs' which prints most of
its contents ('emu' simply includes the standard output of that

The "code.l" might be more difficult. It holds a set of stub functions
which are system dependent, and which can be found by compiling and
disassembling test programs in C, or perhaps by looking at the proper
macro expansions in the system's include files. So here some detective
work is necessary ;-)

♪♫ Alex
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