HI Jon,

> (html NIL "-index-" "@lib.css" NIL
>       (<h1> NIL (ht:Prin (car (file)))) )
> gives me a page that says "doc//", with two slashes at the end instead of
> just one ...?

Strange, I see only one slash. How did you invoke it?

I put this into "doc/default":

   (html NIL "-index-" "@lib.css" NIL
      (<h1> NIL (ht:Prin (car (file))))
      (<ul> NIL
         (for X (dir (car (file)))
            (<li> NIL X) ) ) )

and then called:

   $ ./pil lib/http.l lib/xhtml.l lib/form.l --server 8080 doc +

I get a header "doc/" followed by the list of files

♪♫ Alex
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