Hi, I just noticed that bitbucket now allows an unlimited amount of private
projects (last time I checked only 5 was supported I think).

I got a little bit motivated by this and the fact that I also just finished
a small snippet that recursively parses any directory and full text indexes
all file names/directory names. Could be useful to more people than just
me, especially since it also indexes the contents in archives.

I've found several files I almost had given up hope of ever finding
(looking for a specific file inside several dozen of 5GB+ archives manually
is a horror story).

Anyway, I ended up uploading it to bitbucket:

Since it depends on my extended library I uploaded that too, this is the
one that will probably be useful so someone:

A lot has already been uploaded to this list but uploading it to bitbucket
makes it a bit more formal and easier to maintain/track.

Issues reported in the following form: "I try to use function X in file Y,
it doesn't work" will be noted but fixed whenever it needs to be fixed for
usage in my own projects which might or might never happen.

Issues reported like this: "You need to replace X with Y on line Z in file
A.l" will be fixed right away.

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