Anything newer than Subversion is pretty much equal in my book, that
includes both darcs, hg and git. They're all so simple that it doesn't make
sense spending time "shopping" in that area once you've settled for one of
them, at least not for my use case.

I use hg at work so I use bitbucket, it's as simple as that. Would not
dream of learning yet another vcs when hg just works for me.

On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Tamas Herman <> wrote:

> henrik,
> there is with no limitations whatsoever on anything.
> darcs is a lot more logical version control system.
> it's a lot easier to remember it's options.
> it's interactive by default.
> avoids tons of merge conflicts automatically.
> it doesn't try to invent branching/forking, since
> every clone of a repo IS A branch or fork naturally.
> it's is very easy to install, since it's just 1 static exe on any platform.
> for such small sources what picolisp has,
> it's an overkill to use anything else...
> it's really the kind of tool which doesn't get in the way, unlike git.
> you can see tons of pull requests are talking about git,
> instead of the patch itself. people are struggling with it
> for years and years now...
> i admire how much simplicity could you showcase with picolisp;
> it's makes me feel bad if you let such dirt as git or hg touch its source
> ;)
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>   tom
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