HI Henrik,

> Anyway, I ended up uploading it to bitbucket:
> https://bitbucket.org/hsarvell/indexer/overview
> ...
> https://bitbucket.org/hsarvell/ext/overview

Many thanks!

> Issues reported in the following form: "I try to use function X in file Y,
> it doesn't work" will be noted but fixed whenever it needs to be fixed for

I haven't really tried it, and didn't study it thoroughly. Only one tiny
hint. In ..ext../str.l

   (de empty (Str)
      (let Lst (clip (chop Str))
         (= (length Lst) 0)))

could be replaced by 'sp?', which does a direct check of the string
without needing an intermediate list. Just my 0.0001 BTC. ;-)

♪♫ Alex
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