Hi List,

a very nice feature of the PicoLisp object system is the ability to add
new attributes at runtime (add new properties to the symbols property
list), e.g. create an object with 5 attributes although the class only
expects 2 attributes.

But what about external symbols (entities)?

If some class is defined

| (class +Client +Entity)
| (rel nm (+String))
| (rel tel (+Number))

and I want to create a new object of this class - preferably by assigning
a whole well-formed property list to a symbol with 'putl' or so, without
using 'new' (if that makes sense)

- how is this relation info stored in the property list? 

- and how can I specify that an additional property like e.g.
  (01731234567 . mobil), given at runtime, is a relation of class


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