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Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> writes:
> But what surely works well is Gnuplot. We used it in the mentioned
> project to draw the final data. Code fragments:

the advantage of gnuplot is that you get lots of drawing features for

Btw, it looks like gnuplot can generate svg:

Using svg directly from lisp is much easier though, once you figure out
the axis labels, grid etc for your application.  In this case, you don't
need dependency on huge program and no need to generate and serve
separate file with each change.

> "(Für eine vergrößerte Ansicht in einem neuen Tab bitte auf die Grafik 
> klicken)"

Also, any transformations like these are trivial in svg.  And the
browser can scale the picture as you please, unlike with raster images.
And you get interactivity for free.  There are just too many pros:-D
Except some not-so-well-implemented advanced features, but it's getting


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