Hi Klaus,

Klaus Schilling <schilling.kl...@web.de> writes:
> From: Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de>
>> > as a proof of concept, I have implemented your zapper demo using svg and
>> > without any javascript, see http://logand.com:2234/
>> Very nice indeed! SVG is a good alternative to Canvas, it seems.
> Would it also be feasible to use (encapsulated?) postscript instead of
> SVG? 

browsers do not support postscript, so not easily.

However, some time ago I wrote a postscript interpreter in javascript
http://logand.com/sw/wps/index.html which could be used along those
lines.  It doesn't make much sense just to serve postscript though, when
it's possible to use SVG directly by the server.  SVG has actually a lot
in common with postscript and pdf.

> Or is there maybe even a way to use the Canvas widgets of Tcl/Tk over 
> the ffi or generating appropriate tcl code on the fly?

I don't understand, what tcl code?  Browsers do not understand tcl.  And
why would you need ffi and tcl/tk, when it is possible to write simple
text based svg directly?  It is especially easy in lisp.


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