Greetings list! First thank you to Alex and all who have contributed to the
list and anything else PicoLisp related because this is one incredible
language. I'm hoping that you'll be kind enough to help me figure out how
to calculate age based on DOB. I've come up with a simplified example based
off of the family.l example to illustrate my problem. Run as:

pil er-example.l -main -go +

Essentially I can calculate age based off of DOB with a (dm T ...) line 18
but then that record won't show in the search dialog. When lines 13-20 are
commented out then obviously the calculation isn't made but the record
shows up in the search panel. The sources will explain it best.

If it cannot be attached here it's available at:

How can I have the record show up in the search panel AND calculate age
based on DOB?

Also, what is the idomatic way to include an outside .js file in

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

Best, David Bloom

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