Hi David,

> Thank you Alex.  I cannot seem to find httpGate anywhere in the
> distribution 3.1.5.  I know this is terribly noob-ish but where is httpGate
> located?

Not really your fault, because httpGate is not yet well documented. Only
some fragments in this Mailing list and in the Wiki.

The binary 'httpGate' is either in "/usr/lib/picolisp/bin/httpGate" (if
you install the picolisp package with 'apt-get'), or in your "bin/"
directory (if you install it locally).

The local executable is built if you make PicoLisp as described in
the INSTALL file.

Instead of

> >    /usr/lib/picolisp/bin/httpGate 80 8080
> >    /usr/lib/picolisp/bin/httpGate 443 8080 <path-to-PEM>

you call it as e.g.

> >    /path/to/picolisp/bin/httpGate 80 8080
> >    /path/to/picolisp/bin/httpGate 443 8080 <path-to-PEM>

As you see, no big thing.
♪♫ Alex
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