Thanks Alex that worked perfectly!  Now I can display age calculated on the
fly without wasting space in the DB.

This isn't related to calculating age based on DOB but if you could please
help me understand why is it that when I have a form and a line like:

(de testo ()
      (html 0 "Test!" "@lib.css" NIL
         (form NIL
            (gui '(+OnClick +Button) "alert('OK')" "Alert")
            ... )

If I load the app by going to localhost:8080 I see the button and can click
on it but nothing happens and the button becomes disabled.  If I then
refresh the page (it now has a long session string in the address bar) the
button is enabled and I can click on it, the desired Alert dialog pops up
working correctly.

How can I get the button to work the first time without reloading the page?

The reason I ask is because I'm trying to use a JS charting library and can
include all the necessary files but the same thing happens with this
button.  I have to reload the page and then click the button which loads
the chart.  The chart then appears correctly in the <div> I made for it but
then promptly disappears.  I feel like this page reloading issue is related

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