I'm a long time fan of Picolisp but never went through the whole docs,
and never found a practical use for it, until today!
Well, I'm not using the real Picolisp but EmuLisp but I asked Jon and
in fact his Emulisp acts as the real Picolisp regarding my problem.

As you can see here:
I'm trying to make my students write LaTeX or LISP to typeset formulas.

I need to output a transient with a single backslash. The problem is that
if I write my transient like this: "a backslash:\\", it may contain a backslash
internally, but is printed/returned so to be read again (my guess).
I make my system work with an ugly «text = text.replace("\\\\", "\\");»,
but I'd be curious to know the solution to my problem.



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