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> Le 7 août 2014 14:11, "Jon Kleiser" <jon.klei...@fsat.no> a écrit :
> >
> > I use the frame-based solution for doc lookup (index.html by me), here 
> > <http://www.software-lab.de/doc/>,
> I realised only a few months ago that these pages were Jon's work (or in 
> part?). Thanks for this. I'd be curious to have an historical point of view 
> concerning the doc.

It’s mainly the tiny index.html file that is my work (and after the recent 
DOCTYPE fix I’ve had no JavaScript errors here).

> Now a question then a suggestion.
> Is there a good reason to have separate pages? I understand that only one 
> page would be huge but I'd find it more convenient.

In the old days (2007?) it was one big html page. I guess the convenience 
depends on how you use it.


> Would it be interesting to have the ref in a format like Markdown and 
> generate a single or several pages, in html or pdf?
> BTW I just noticed in the doc for (usec) that there was a typo and that I 
> don't find it very clear:
> http://software-lab.de/doc/refU.html#usec
> chri

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