Alright, let me try:

> It's just what email clients do (including gmail, be it online, android
> Note that you just quoted me at the end. Maybe you just have to
> click somewhere to avoid what is called «top posting» (posting a message
> with the answer before the email where the question is).
> Funny that you master quite complex systems with Docker and
> don't know how to quote an email!

I don't use emails that much :( but yeah, I'm ashamed for not knowing about

> > Christophe Gragnic,
> >
> > If you use Docker containers…
> Thanks for your proposal.
> I'm just a (maths teacher) and ((computer science and dev) hobbyist
> and teacher).
> I try to build things that are as simple as possible.
> Building, (and even only maintaining if already built) something like:
> - web site
> - triggering VMs or jails
> - to run code
> - that will output results to the user
> frightens me as hell.

Well, then you teach me about quoting an email and I take care about the
system :D

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