Hi Thorsten,

> have you seen this website:
> ,----
> | http://www.picolisp.org/
> `---- 
> Its a nice looking website, but I cannot see no connection to PicoLisp

Yes, I was wondering too. I've seen that quite some time ago.

A few years back, the domain picolisp.org was stolen at the very moment
Javier (javuchi) tried to transfer it to me (before that, it was owned
by Jakob Eriksson).

> whatsover. Or does 'picolisp' have other no technical meanings to native
> English speakers?

I think the above site is evil. They probably use tons of such stolen
domains, and automatically generated Titles like "PicoLisp", to drag
attention to them. As I see it, they offer dubious (or illegal?) writing

> Even the camel case they use is the same as in PicoLisp, maybe Alex
> should sue them for copyrights violations ... ;-)

I don't see a chance ;-)
♪♫ Alex
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