I just ran into an issue with the web sockets server code:
wsMessage at line 371.

As can be seen it sends messages via tell to the sockets / processes
of end users.

So far I've only been sending short JSON snippets which has worked just fine.

Today I tried a somewhat longer string of HTML at which point I got
this: Tell PIPE_BUF

The error only happens if the content length is below a certain
threshold which is unknown to me.

I suppose there are two possible solutions in order of desirability:

1.) Use some other mechanism or change tell to allow for larger "payloads".

2.) Work around the issue, maybe something can be done with the fact
that the protocol seems to allow for multiple frames to constitute a
single payload (don't know if the browsers support this behaviour at
this point in time though). One frame could then be just below the
tell threshold, if a certain payload is larger than the threshold it
is chopped and packed so that the members of the resulting list are
below the threshold and sent as individual frames.

Any ideas?
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