starting point is simply a word, I can construct a list of file names of
the individual letters like this, say with W as "dog":

(mapcar '((X) (pack "fz-" X ".gif")) (chop W))

which gives me this:

("fz-d.gif" "fz-o.gif" "fz-g.gif")

I can also get feh to show the slideshow directly like this:

(call 'feh "fz-d.gif" "fz-o.gif" "fz-g.gif" "-D" 2 "--cycle-once")

but I am having trouble getting from the one to the other, to getting a
list of file names to insert into a system call as single quoted files.

if need be I guess I can create a filelist, since this also works:

(call 'feh "-f" "somelist" "-D" 2 "--cycle-once")

but I would like to be able to just insert them on the fly. ?


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